ARK cross-map gateway travel using one server

You can use the gateway in two ways, the first of which is to run two separate servers and link them together, the other is to use a single server and use command lines to switch between different official maps. This article will be explaining the second option, using the gateway on one single server. When using this method you'll want to create two or more command lines the first of which will be your regular map.

Since the configuration files of these two instances will be the same, the only maps that can be ran are official ones for example TheIsland, TheCenter, Aberration_P, ScorchedEarth_P, Extinction and Ragnarok.

To get started, login to the control panel and go to your ARK service. From here go into the command line manager, and click on the new button at the top.
The first setting we want to change is the map box, so tick the box to the left of the input field and the in that field enter the first map you want to use.

Next, at the bottom of the options list you will see an option to change the save directory of the service for this server you will want to select a SavedArks folder you're not using yet from the dropdown and select the box to the left of the option.

Then you will want to tick the box to the right and left of the no transfer from filtering option which is required to run the gateway.

Finally, in the clusterid box enter a value that's unique to your server, such as random numbers or something no one else will think of, be sure to again click the box to the left of this option.

Click save, and then on the right click the select button to activate the command line so that when the server boots up the map you entered will load - feel free to change any other settings too.

Now you will need to set up the command lines for any other maps you want to run. To do this you will need to set all of the same settings you did in the last command line the only difference being that the map box will have the value of the other map you choose, once this is done click save.

Once you have your command lines in place, you can switch between the command lines you have created. All of your saves for the maps will be completely separate and no data will be lost, when the server is backed up using our backup feature all of the worlds and character data will also be retained. Any data stored in the gateway is also included in the backup.

That's it! You can now enjoy the ARK DLC/Maps while only using a single server with us.

Map Names:

  • TheIsland
  • TheCenter
  • Ragnarok
  • ScorchedEath_P
  • Extinction
  • Aberration_P

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