How to wipe the world of your Conan Exiles server

Wiping data from your server:

  1. Log into your control panel
  2. Click on the service you want to wipe
  3. Click the ‘wipe server’ button
  4. Now you can choose what you want to wipe from the server.
  5. Click execute, and the server is now wiped!


NOTE: This feature will remove all the data you tell it to, make sure to backup first. Once it’s deleted - it’s deleted.


Use the clean server button on the actions tab.


To wipe your servers world, which will remove all player data, NPCs, buildings, etc. from your server you need to do the following:
  1. Stop your server, then click onto the file manager
  2. Browser to /Saved/ then delete or rename the game.db file
  3. Finally, delete the game.db-shm file and game.db-wal file
Now start up your server, and a new map will generate.
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