How to install mods on your Conan Exiles server

To install a mod onto your Conan Exiles server, you need to do the following:


Method 1 - Automatic Install

  1. Go to the server you want to install mods on, then click the Steam Workshop button.
  2. Search for the mod you want to install, then click on the install button.


Method 2 - Manual Upload

  1. On your PC browse to your Steam Installation directory (normally found at C:\ProgramFiles (x86)\steamapps\) then go browse into \workshop\content\440900\ once there locate the mod you want to install by searching for its mod ID.
    • The mods ID will be the numbers at the end of the workshop URL, e.g. for smaller map icon which has an ID of 862074122 you would find it here in the url:
  2. Browse into the folder that is named the same as the mods id.
  3. Upload the pak file to the /Mods/ folder on your server, if it does not exist create the folder. We suggest doing this step using an FTP connection.
  4. On the control panel click into the configuration editor and click text editor next to the modlist.txt file, in here you want to add the mod to activate it on the server:
    • In the case of the smaller map icon example from before, in this file you would put *Conan_SmallerMapIcon.pak in that file.
    • Each mod you want to install needs to go on a separate line in this file.
    • Make sure you put the asterisk at the front of each line, or the mod will not enable correctly.



Now restart your server and the mods will be active, if you try to join the server without being subscribed to the mods a message will pop up on your screen.


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