Using Minecraft Forge and Installing Mods

Adding mods to your Minecraft server can significantly enhance your gaming experience. Here's a straightforward guide on how to install mods using the Multicraft control panel.

  1. Log In to Multicraft Control Panel:

    • Begin by logging into your Multicraft control panel.
  2. Verify Mod Compatibility:

    • Ensure the mods you wish to add are compatible with your server's Minecraft version.
  3. Select the Correct Forge Version:

    • Stop your server.
    • In the JAR dropdown menu, select the Forge version that matches your Minecraft version.
    • Note: For certain mods, you might need to choose a Forge Beta version instead of the recommended one.
  4. Stop and Backup Your Server:

    • Stop your server so that you can upload mods, it is possible to skip this step and continuing to upload them then restart.
    • Under files on the side bar click on backup, then click on start. It's always good practice to backup your server before making any changes, this way you can easily restore if something breaks.
  5. Upload Your Mods:

    • Upload the desired mods to your server into the Mods folder of your server
    • We recommend using FileZilla for this process. You can find a guide on How to connect to FTP.
  6. Start Your Server with Mods:

    • Once the mods are uploaded, start your server.
    • Your mods should now be active and ready for use!
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