Creating a Yland World on your Ylands server

This guide assumes you’ve already setup the login token, which you can read how to setup here:


To setup a world on a Ylands server you need to do two things;


Step One – Make a world!

  1. Stop your server.
  2. Go into the DSConfig.json configuration editor.
  3. Choose built in as your session data type.
  4. Then on game mode, choose Explore (Survival) or Creative.
  5. Give the server a name, you’ll need this to join.
  6. Optionally you can give the server a private password.
  7. Click save, and start up your server!


Step Two – Use that world!

  1. Go back into the DSConfig.json configuration editor.
  2. On the session type dropdown choose YlandFile.
  3. On the session data dropdown choose the world you just created.
  4. Click save, and restart your server!


Now the world won’t reset when you restart, enjoy the server!

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