Adding Group Whitelist in Space Engineers

  1. Whitelisting on Space Engineers is accomplished through Steam groups.

  2. You can gain access and login using both the Steam app and from your browser.

  3. Make sure you’re a member of the group, only invite those who you’d like to be group whilslisted into the group. You’ll be able to see your Group ID when you invite a friend - It will appear as a long number at the end of your URL bar

NOTE: When doing this on the Steam app, enable the option to display the Steam URL bar.

  1. Stop your server and enter your configuration files and edit SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg.

  2. Find ‘<GroupID>0</GroupID>’ and replace ‘0’ with your Group ID.

  3. Save these changes, and start your server. After following these steps, only members of the Steam group can join your server.

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