How to connect to FTP

Finding the FTP connection details for your service.

The username and password you will need to use to connect to FTP is your control panels user and password.

Game Services - TCAdmin

You'll want to go to your service in the control panel, and under the Connection and Query IPs there is the FTP IP. What is shown is a combination of the IP and the Port of the FTP server, to separate these just remove the :21 from the end of the IP, the 21 at the end is the port that you have to use - with the colon being the separator.

Minecraft Services - Multicraft

The host of the FTP for your Minecraft server is shown on the multicraft panel - It's the IP that you use to connect to your server. The port is port 21.

Web Hosting Services - CPanel

On the CPanel control panel for your web hosting service, the FTP connection information is located inside the FTP accounts button in the Files section. From here you can create and remove FTP logins, and get the connection information.

To connect to your servers FTP and browse / modify server files you'll want to do the following:

We recommend using Filezilla for FTP, which can be found here:

To connect, you want to add your server to filezilla, you can do this by doing the following:
Go to File > Site Manager, then click on New Site, for the Host enter the FTP IP shown on the control panel.
Then select normal in the logon type drop down, and type in your control panels user/password.
Click connect, and you should see all the servers files appear.

Filezilla Site Manager

For a faster connection you can use quick connect by entering the host, username and password into the quickconnect bar.

Filezilla Quick Connect

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